For information about getting to/from/around Seattle, check out: our transportation page as well as the venue page.

Welcome to Seattle! Here you will find a vibrant, sophisticated metropolis surrounded by pristine natural beauty and abundant recreation. For places to go and see please consult Seattle's Convention and Visitors Bureau and Seattle City Government. Tripadvisor also has a nice list of top attractions in the city.

Things close to the hotel

For lunch venues near the hotel, the map below has some suggestions

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Here are a couple of recommendations from local Seattlites:

Pike Place Market

Directions from conference hotel: Walk 5 blocks down the hill on Madison. Turn Right onto 1st Ave. Walk 5 blocks to 1st & Pike St. You're there! Look for the large red neon sign.

Once there there are some tips:

  • Get freshly-made, hot mini-donuts (across from DeLaurenti's); use a straw to spear them inside the bag.
  • Go to Beecher's for fresh, handmade cheese. Free samples! (across the street from the main market building
  • Don't forget the Market's 2nd & 3rd floors downstairs! Make sure you have 2 quarters and a penny.
  • Bring cash in small bills.
  • Don't eat too much at any one place; dining through the market is the way to go!
  • Have a cup of Joe at the original Starbucks (also across the street from the main building).

  • Seattle Center

    Space needle, Experience Music Project, etc. - we are heading to the needle for a social event on Friday so you can wait on that one. Or just take the monorail next to the hotel.

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    Seattle Art Museum

    Located at 1300 1st Ave, 206-654-3137 (website)

    $15 Adult
    Wednesday-Sunday: 10AM-5PM
    Thursday & Friday: 10AM-9PM

    If the weather is nice, also try the (free) Olympic Sculpture Park. It is outdoors along the water just down the street from the Seattle Center.

    Seattle Aquarium

    1483 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101, (206) 386-4300 (website)

    Adults $19/Child $12

    9:30am to 5pm daily

    Seattle Underground Tour

    608 1st Ave in Pioneer Square, between Cherry Street and James St. (website)

    Directions from conference hotel, walk down Madison to 5th. Turn Left onto 5th. Walk 3 blocks on 5th to Cherry. Turn Right onto Cherry.
    Walk 4 blocks down Cherry to 1st. Turn Left onto 1st.

    $16 Adults; roughly a 90 minute walk. Very fun! Highly recommended! Also take a look around Pioneer Square while you are there


    You know you are going to be hungry! Maybe even thirsty. Seattle has a lot of wonderful restaurants and bars to choose from, so go ahead and hit the town:

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